Rob Vs. Rob: Which One’s Hottness Reigns Supreme?

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These stars look better as the years go by.
R-Pattz Facts
Think you know Robert Pattinson?
Between Robert Pattinson’s Water for Elephants media blitz and Rob Lowe’s recent candid Oprah appearance, there is a whole lot of sexy Rob-ness going on — and we’re not complaining!

While their devishly handsome good looks are almost too much for Celebuzz to handle, rather than shy away from the sexiness, we’ve decided to embrace it and take the question to our readers — which Rob is the hottest of them all?

On the one hand, you’ve got the dreamy R-Pattz whose hair fixing, jittery-ness makes our hearts melt but on the other, you have the reformed bad boy whose sexiness has only steadily increased over the course of a few decades.

We know that they both have their pros and cons (trust us, a couple Celebuzz editors have been weighing them for longer than we’re proud to admit) so if you can’t settle the debate with a mere vote, take it to the comments to express your feelings!