Royal Wedding Nostalgia: A Look Back at Princess Diana’s Wedding

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The world is just hours away from watching Prince William turn Kate Middleton into a princess — a fantasy every woman on earth has at least once in their lives. And while the anticipation and curiosity builds, it’s only right to take a trip back in time to remember the Royal Wedding that set the bar for every other one to come: Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

The day was July 29, 1981, and London became the center of the world as the Prince took his then-19-year-old bride. Diana made a bold statement with her Elizabeth and David Emanuel dress thanks to its remarkably long 25-foot train, making for some of the more memorable wedding photos of all time. From that day on, Diana became a fashion icon and quickly shot to worldwide superstardom. Thanks to photo archives and our pals at MemoryLane, pour yourself a spot of tea, kick up your feet and get nostalgic.

Will Kate fare the same? That’s to be seen, but take a look back at Diana and Charles’ historic wedding so you can get a glimpse of what William and Kate’s might be like!