Royal Hat Showdown: Who Had the Most Ridiculous Topper? (POLL)

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Hats are as much a part of the Royal Wedding as kisses on the balcony or carriage rides through London. And, like anything fashion-based, there’s always those one or two people who take things a little too far.

Those people just happened to be Princess Beatrice of York and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, who showed up wearing two distinctly different but equally odd hats to the Royal Wedding on Friday.

Beatrice’s cap was something out of Lady Gaga or Tim Burton’s wardrobe closet, with a big ring in the middle with big swirls on the outside. Palmer-Tomkinson’s topper was a little less avant-garde, but still pushed the boundaries thanks to its canoe-like length.

So, the question is: Which was weirder?