Royal Wedding Celebrity Guests Including Victoria Beckham, Elton John Arrive (PHOTOS)

Kicking off an exciting morning in London, Victoria and David Beckham were among the first celebrities to arrive for Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding on Friday. Hundreds of other high-profile guests were dressed to impress as they made their way through the tree-filled Westminster Abbey. So which celebs scored a coveted invite?

Singer Elton John together with his partner David Furnish arrived in style, eventually taking their seat near Madonna's ex-husband Guy Ritchie. Meanwhile, Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson also was seen in the massive audience.

As the estimated 1,900 guests take their seats at the biggest royal event, see which other celebs were there to support the couple -- And stay tuned to Celebuzz for every little angle, detail, moment and photo that happens during the royal festivities!



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  • Sazi Ngqulu
    Sazi Ngqulu

    perfect picts had never seen before.

  • Lina Loevy
    Lina Loevy

    Can u please smile ????

  • 007

    beckham looks like wolverhin

  • Rach

    David Beckham looks awesome! But will Victoria ever deign to give us a smile?

  • irisooo



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