Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Put Finishing Touches on ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ (PHOTOS)

Spider-Man Kiss
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield kiss on set.
Andrew Garfield was sporting his Peter Parker glasses on set of the Spider-man reboot on Saturday afternoon, and we’re loving this look on him so much we think he should considering adopting it permanently, don’t you?

Filming for The Amazing Spider-Man began last fall and A-Garf, along with his co-star Emma Stone, were spotted on set in NYC tying up any loose ends before the film’s summer 2012 release.

So, exactly how much long will Andrew have to don the Spidey suit?

Emma chatted with E! Online and told them that shooting would be done in mid-May. Plenty of time for her to start the promotional rounds for her not one, but two summer movies, Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Help.

E! Online also asked if her character Gwen Stacey would be around for a Spiderman sequel to which she replied:

“I can’t answer anything. “I’m not allowed.”

It’ll be awhile before we see Spidey in action on the big screen, so get your fix by checking out all the photos of A-Garf and Em-Sto in the gallery!

Do you think her character will live to see another Spiderman? And more importantly, are you excited for The Amazing Spider-Man to hit theathers next year? Let us know answers to both by tweeting us @CELEBUZZ or hit up our Facebook page!