Prince William and Duchess Kate: The Day After

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Twenty-four hours after taking part in one of the most watched weddings of all time, Prince William and Kate Middleton started the first day of the rest of their lives on Saturday morning.

The happy Royal couple was beaming with joy as they exited Buckingham Palace on Saturday morning. The duo headed to a waiting helicopter that whisked them away to a secret location for a brief weekend trip. Sure, you can call it a honeymoon, but the couple’s real honeymoon was put on hold and will be taken at a later date at an unnamed location.

William and Kate were smiling and seemed well-rested, despite the talk of Prince Harry’s sure-to-be-fun all-night party and “survivor’s breakfast” on Friday into Saturday.

Kate was sporting a much more casual look than she was just a day earlier, as her helicopter ensemble included a flowy blue minidress with a blazer and black shoes. William looked sporty with a hint of casual, as he wore khakis with a shirt and blazer.

Prince William will be back at work on Monday, foregoing the traditional honeymoon directly after a wedding. Instead, the duo will try to keep their honeymoon a bit more secretive, hoping to jet away to an undisclosed location at an undisclosed time.