Dianna Agron Shoots Tyler Shields … Sorta (PHOTOS)

Shields and Zach Quinto
Tyler and Zach team up for their own television series.
Shields and Pettyfer
Tylers shoots sexy Alex Pettyfer.
With a camera, duh! Glee hottie Dianna Agron and eccentric photographer Tyler Shields combined forces to create some rather artistic shots. This time however, Dianna was the eye behind the camera.

Shields revealed to Celebuzz that the photo with the peanut butter was the first time he had ever eaten the substance in his entire life. Wha wha what?! For the second half of the photo shoot, Tyler turned the camera back on Agron. But if you want to see those photos you’ll have to wait until after his gallery showing.

Or you can go! It’s open to the public May 8th 2011 at 2476 Hunter Street in downtown Los Angeles. Doors open at 12pm. And don’t forget to check out all of Tyler’s works at his website TylerShields.com.