Prince Harry’s Potential Princess? The Many Looks of Chelsy Davy

Should Harry & Pippa Date?
Should Prince Harry & Pippa Middleton be a couple?
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Though the Internet is campaigning for Prince Harry to start dating his new sister-in-law Princess Kate's younger sibling Pippa Middleton, is the red hot prince's longtime on-again, off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy still in line to be the next princess?

Click the pics to see this young love affair through the years and decide for yourself if she has the potential to become a royal.

Chelsy was snapped on Friday leaving her home and heading to Westminster Abbey for the wedding of Prince William and Kate. Harry's on-again, off-again flame was wearing an Alberta Ferretti teal suit, and was reportedly the best man’s date to the Royal event. Chelsy’s teal skirt and jacket was reportedly just one of two outfits that she wore for the festivities. Her taupe lace hat, according to London Daily Mail, was custom made by milliner Victoria Grant.

 Chelsy and Harry dated for about five years before breaking up in 2009. According to the Mail, Chelsy was supposed to have worn an asymmetric midnight-blue satin gown for the evening party.



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  • Livin&Lovin'

    MFEO - made for each other.

  • Heather Nicolle
    Heather Nicolle

    Magnanimous? Really? Just because your thesaurus suggested it doesn't mean it fits.

  • Heather Nicolle
    Heather Nicolle

    OMG she's fugly. It's not that she's not the prettiest girl at the polo club, but she's also trashy looking - and she doesn't help herself by caking on stripper make-up and always wearing hideous outfits. And notice she's not wearing a bra in this pic. Or her bra is not doing any of its duties. They're all low and I can totally see nip. Now if that's not classy, I don't know what is! Kate is looking at her like she's disgusted.

  • Max

    Chelsys absolutely great, adventurous, educated and beautiful...Harrys awesome and magnanimous with likely a constant battle between his head and heart and all his commitments and ditto his gf. Do they make a match couple? Of course. But ask anyone in real life about relationships that did not 'fail' per se more than failed to proceed. Stopping is not the same thing as staying. Some people move on. Maybe they believe in the impossible who knows, maybe they believe in reality and laugh at all the speculation out loud. Could you act out a commitment to be part of a Royal family for (your life) if you simply think you might spend half your whole life wishing you had your own life instead? Just a thought.

  • Dani

    They both look great. I love Chelsy's outfit.

  • Jen

    You must be pretty cool and have a pretty awesome life if you spend your nights on the internet trashing the way people look. I bet you're also really attractive and have a ton of really awesome and attractive friends. ............

  • Asma B. Almandil
    Asma B. Almandil

    hahha loovveeeee theeeemmmmmm

  • Nancy Dy
    Nancy Dy

    Was Prince Harry desperate being in & out of love? Britons must have shared the same resentment for Chelsy Davy. His sweetheart(s) should gain the people's nod, an endearment to people and fitting to become a future HRH! Princess Catherine and Pippa's white gowns should have been more elegant and romantic, skirts more flare with a longer train for the bride. But I admired the attitude of the family to 'playing safe', being a commoner with a humble beginning. No wonder Prince William liked them!

  • Laura

    She's got such a pretty hair.... And such an ugly face

  • goldy

    she looks really nice here =]

  • Sin

    She looks like one of the characters in a Monty Python skit.

  • Sin

    OMG!! put a bit in that horses mouth!

  • Sin

    Yup, horse face.

  • Sin

    Got it!! she has a little bit of a horse face.

  • Sin

    There is just something a little off with her face.

  • mariaines

    although I love kate, i have to agree with you in this one

  • dshawn4

    one of the rare classy pictures.

  • dshawn4

    she looks like trailer trash sooo cheap. and kate looks like her desperate fitty year old mum!

  • Ramon

    Attractive face, Chelsy.

  • Lola

    That guy behind them... lol

  • katherine

    Harry's socks, *dies*

  • Louise Lister
    Louise Lister

    Yeah, that third picture is definitely Christina Aguilera.