Stephen Colletti Talks About Settling Down, Post ‘One Tree Hill’ Plans & More!

Chelsea Kane on 'DWTS'
The Disney darling dishes in a Celebuzz exclusive.
Stephen & Chelsea!
Stephen Colletti & Chelsea Kane go public.
Stephen Colletti first broke on the scene as a teenager from the hit MTV reality show Laguna Beach, but he’s come quite a ways since the cameras were following his every (dramatic) move.

Not only is he currently starring on the CW show One Tree Hill, but he also recently became involved with Generation Wild, a travel series that explores nature’s most exotic locations.

Celebuzz sat down to chat with the actor and talked about everything from settling down with his girlfriend Chelsea Kane, the engagement of his ex Kristin Cavallari and much more:

What can we expect to see on the rest of the season of One Tree Hill?
Expect a lot of flashbacks leading to the finale. [The finale] will take place over the course of a year. It’s pretty cool the way they did it.

There’s a lot of speculation on whether the show will come back for another season. Either way, what plans do you have after this season?
It definitely depends on whether it will be coming back. If it doesn’t, I’ll be in LA working on the next project.

What inspired you to get into acting?
It’s something that caught my eye growing up. In high school, sports ended up taking over. I started working and being in production, so that kind of brought me back to it. It’s just something that I enjoy doing.

What do you think would have happened if Laguna Beach had never happened? Would you still be interested in acting or would you be into something else?
For a while there, I actually wasn’t sure. Growing up, I knew I wanted to be in entertainment, so yeah I think I’d still be in it.

Who are some actors that you look up to?
There are some people I enjoy watching, but as far as modeling my career after someone, I just try to do my own thing. There are a lot of great actors out there, but I’m just trying to build my own path.

Do you have a preference over dramatic or comedic roles?
Drama is something that I’ve worked more in, but I do also like comedy.

You’re currently dating Chelsea Kane and are 25 now, so do you ever think about settling down anytime soon or are you just focusing on your career?
I’m just taking life day by day. I pick up on looking at my future more and more. I do see myself settling down one day, but I think there’s still time for that. My brother is 5 years older than me, and told me how fast your 20s go by, and I’m slowly starting to realize how true that is.

Speaking of settling down, your friend Kristin Cavallari just got engaged. Have you spoken with her at all?
No, I haven’t. I send her well wishes, though. Next time I see her I’ll give her a big hug and congratulate her.

Can you tell me a bit about how you got involved with the travel series Generation Wild?
I’ve talked about putting together a travel show for a while. We looked for a publisher who would want to showcase places in Europe. We wanted to keep it real and make people aware of what they have around them and show them how accessible it is. It’s great to get it out there.