How Jennifer Lopez Discovered Hot Model for 'I'm Into You' (VIDEO)

Viva Jennifer Lopez! The singer, actress, American Idol judge -- and most beautiful woman in the world according to People magazine -- has a new single out in which she declares "I'm Into You." Don't get too excited, she's not actually talking about YOU.

In fact, she seems so wrapped up into her marriage with Marc Anthony that she had to recruit family members to help her come up with the hot guy for her new video!

She told Kathie Lee & Hoda on Today:  

"His name is William Levy. It was funny because over Christmas, I had my whole family at my house, and every day my cousins and my aunts and everybody tuned in to this thing [telenovela] to see this guy ... when we started doing the video I was like, who's hot right now? I called my cousins and they were like, 'It's William Levy. You've got to get William Levy!'"
William is currently playing Maximiliano Sandoval in Televisa's soap opera El triunfo del amor.

So, what does her hubby think of her rolling around the beach with the muscle hottie? J.Lo told the Today hosts:

"I think he's OK with it. I mean, you sholud see his last video!"
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  • Ely

    ahhhh, he is sooooooooooooooooooo...100000times...cute and sensual...yammy;)) and Jlo too...nice video and song too. x

  • rainbowpanda

    lol they wacth novelas hahaha "ahh william levy yes he is hot" hahahahaha

  • teamjacob5

    ahh william levy yes and he is hot!!!!!

  • Nellie Gonzales
    Nellie Gonzales

    UMMMM.....Where is Lil Wayne???