Justin Bieber Pelted with Eggs in Sydney (VIDEO)

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Unfortunately for Justin Bieber, he was the guy who almost had egg on his face this weekend. 

The teen heartthrob was pelted with eggs during his show in Sydney, Australia. It is thought that the audience member threw half a dozen eggs onstage, nearly hitting Bieber. But the show still went on!

Bieber didn’t miss a beat, continuing with the performance while eggs are seen being thrown from above. According to reports, some fans believe it was a setup.

The “Baby” singer’s drama didn’t end there. On Sunday, Bieber, 17, was considered a “security risk” when he and his body guard decided to get up and walk to the back of the plane while the aircraft was taking off. After being reprimanded, the singer did return to his seat and later apologized. 

If down under fans weren’t able to catch Bieber at the Sydney show, there’s another place you might find him. To support the release of his movie there, Bieber tweeted: “#NEVERSAYNEVER3D is playing in theatres here in AUSTRALIA…might have to pop in on a few theatres.”