Robert Pattinson: I Would Never Date Kristen Stewart for “Publicity Stunt”

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Robert Pattinson continues his Water For Elephants global press tour and he sat down with Elle UK to discuss his new film. Of course the topic shifts to girlfriend Kristen Stewart, and while fans don’t get a confirmation about his offscreen love, we think he did one better. Pattinson firmly said he would never date someone simply for publicity (something many anti-Robsten folks claim). 

“People think we have people organizing everything, that it’s all a publicity stunt. It’s not,” Rob says. “There is no magical entourage- you’re just a person on your own. You have to figure it out.”

The interviewer initially suggested how the “are they or aren’t they” question surrounding Rob and Kristen has certainly helped the vampire franchise, but Rob shoots down the implication that it’s a studio fabrication.

“No,” Pattinson replies about that theory (the article notes he says this “kindly but firmly”). “Oh no. I’d love it if they tried. If the studio tried to get involved with my personal life, I could start messing around with them in return…No. There’s nothing nefarious going on, I just don’t like people taking my picture. It’s not nice when your life becomes someone else’s news.”

Something that made a lot of news was Bear, the dog that Rob and Kristen rescued.

“Bear was two days away from euthanasia. We thought he was traumatized by his near-death experience,” Pattinson tells Elle. You can hear the record screech to a halt as the interviewer points out Pattinson used the “we” word. Did he confirm it’s Stewart?

“Well…” RP says looking “flustered”. He’s then semi given an out by being asked if he considers himself a single parent to Bear.

“Um, yes, I guess so.”

Well, the two aren’t married! But if they were, Pattinson says he rather enjoyed one tabloid fabrication of a Robsten wedding.

“I was told I was meant to be getting married somewhere called ‘Napa Valley’. It sounded quite cool. Maybe I will get married there.”