Anne Hathaway Tries Out British Accent in ‘One Day’ Trailer (VIDEO)

Anne Hathaway is Catwoman!
Anne lands the coveted role in 'The Dark Knight Rises.'
Anne Hathaway is a woman about Britain!

The Golden Globe nominee stars in the new romantic comedy One Day that follows a friendship that blossoms into something more as the years progress. Anne plays Emma Morely who meets Dexter Mayhew, played by Jim Sturgess, and after a one-nighter they decide to remain close friends and meet up every year on the anniversary of the day they met. The film hits theaters August of this year. What do you think of Anne’s British accent? Let us know @celebuzz.

Aside from Rio, this is the only film we can expect the actress in until 2012 … when she gets catty!

Anne has been confirmed to play Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movie  The Dark Knight Rises. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotilard, Tom Hardy and Christian Bale will also accompany Anne on the big screen. 

The actress was also scheduled to make an appearance on Glee, but that has reportedly been delayed. The show’s executive producer/writer/director Brad Falchuk told E! News that Anne has a “pretty tight schedule” and they don’t think her appearance will happen this season.