Mischa Barton Flaunts Bikini Bod in Hawaii (PHOTOS)

Mischa Barton isn’t afraid to show a little skin!

The OC actress strutted her stuff in a bright bikini on the beaches of Hawaii on Monday. Some might find it a little surprising that she’s vacationing right now since it has been rumored that she’s run into a little money trouble.

According to TMZ, Mischa was ordered to pay 95K to a private nursing company for services she received in 2009.  The company is suing the actress/model after she never paid up.  A rep for Mischa responded to the claims, telling TMZ, “This is the first we’ve heard of it.” 

While Mischa maybe facing a lawsuit, her ex Brandon Davis isn’t doing too well either. The 31-year-old Hollywood heir was arrested on drug charges outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles late last month.



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  • OK

    YS HE IS

  • you're an idiot
    you're an idiot


  • Vernon Alexander
    Vernon Alexander

    This is the most complicated actress now! Is someone screwing with us? Is that Misha Barton? Because I do not see the tell-tale signs of her basic features. Regardless of size /weight or whatever why is it so hard to keep track of WHAT she looks like? I mean 25 years old and 100 different angles, she has the looks of Sybil's personality. I know what she needs....ONE GOOD lead in a successful film. Why not? What the hell is going on? I could write a script that could send her to the top. I can think of a thousand ways to use her talents. Why is not Hollywood, or BBC?

  • Elly123456789

    thanks god, she looks like a real woman with curves

  • ty

    I think she looks great! Healthy finally. but... what is it she is doing now? besides walking around in a bikini? is she working on any movies or anythings?

  • Josh

    Can't stand her, seriously, she annoys the hell out of me but now that she's gained some weight (or just looks like it) she looks gorgeous!

  • JT

    Great body but lay off the drug Mischa, your face looks like it's aged 10 years

  • Hater

    Your an idiot, she is huge!

  • Ariana Marie
    Ariana Marie

    she looks fantastic, FUCK THE HATERS!

  • Thegreatestmanalive

    Nice. I wasn't a Barton fan at all, but I must say she's looking sweet and juicy.


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