Celebuzz Looks Back: Before They Were Moms (PHOTOS)

Moms That Rock
Actresses who mated with rock stars.
Lately, the biggest role in Hollywood is that of motherhood. We’ve seen some of our favorite leading ladies evolve as the months go by, forever changed by the birth of their baby. While that’s all well and good — and often adorable –many take to parenthood with such vigor that it’s easy to forget they were once single ladies without a family!

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, May 8, Celebuzz celebrates with a little help from Memory Lane by rolling back the clock to a time before being a mom became part of these well-known public personas. 

Remember Reese Witherspoon back in the day? Angelina Jolie before her brood? Can you still picture what Gwen Stefani looked like without little Kingston and Zuma? Take a peep at our Before They Were Moms gallery — then be sure to get YOUR mom something special this Sunday!