Christina Aguilera Has a Bone to Pick in NYC (PHOTOS)

Christina's Sexiest Looks
Take a look at Miss Aguileral looking her finest.
No, it’s not Halloween. Yes, Christina Aguilera was wearing a skeleton shirt in May. But hey, she’s a celebrity with a hit new show — girl can do whatever she pleases!

Christina and her boyfriend Matt Rutler were out and about on the streets of New York City — away from all of the Met Gala hubbub, instead dining out at the infamous gastropub The Spotted Pig. Perhaps to show that she was ready for a stick-to-her-ribs meal, Aguilera donned a skeleton t-shirt that looked more Halloween party than NYC chic. Either way, the duo likely had a fabulous meal and it’s nice to see Christina throwing caution to the wind.

After a rough winter, Aguilera is back on top of the world, as her new singing competition show The Voice is a certified smash hit. The NBC show, where Aguilera is competing with Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton, has garnered rave reviews and scored a massive following in its first week.

Watch the first episode below: