New MTV Reality Babes The Electric Barbarellas Rock the Beach (PHOTOS)

Have you heard of The Electric Barbarellas? If not, then here’s your introduction to the brand-new girl group slash reality show vixens. Oh, and they’re hot, too! What’s more, these girls are giving an eyeful in teeny bikinis on the beach. Totally crush worthy.

All this and talent too: Chelsea, Gynger, Heather, Raven and Missy are more than just pretty girls, they sing, write, play instruments and produce their own music. The girls are on a mission to make it big in the music world with a new reality show where they’ll live, work and play together in a Hollywood Hills mansion. Their series debuts on MTV tomorrow (May 4) following The Real World: Las Vegas.

From the look of these pics, there’s every reason to watch!


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  • JordyBEAR

    I know it's kind of late but you know I was introduced to them by a friend and I do like their music. What does it matter in the first place on whether or not they have had cosmetic surgery! They want to feel beautiful and attractive just like anyone else would. So they take life by the horns and change it. You would think that by now people would be accustomed to cosmetic surgery... cosmetic surgery is just another form of body modification like dyeing your hair or getting tattoos or piercings and with seeing body mods more often each day that society would stop discriminating and just let people be. I mean gawd how can people say such horrible things. They struggle just like us they aren’t punching bags for slander they are human beings just like us and they deserve respect and honor for where they have gotten today. YOU ROCK BARBARELLAS!!!!

  • chelsea

    hey freddy, follow us on facebook "the electric barbarellas" ps- just so you know i did not have a breast augmentation, but thanks for the compliment thanks for all the love, chelsea (the purple swimsuit)

  • Freddy Duke
    Freddy Duke

    i think a couple of them have had boob implants. yuck. i don't like that fake plastic screaming for attention look.

  • Freddy Duke
    Freddy Duke

    that right there is a natural beauty. i want her. tarzan want jane.

  • Freddy Duke
    Freddy Duke

    actually, now that i look closer, i think 2 of them have had breast augmentation. bummer. major turn off. oh well, it was fun while it lasted. girls, pssst...fake boobs are AWFUL. look horrible and alien like.

  • Freddy Duke
    Freddy Duke

    well it is true that sumner put over half a million dollars to put these girls on mtv. he apparently has a major hard on for them. i do too. they are just regular type girls with flaws and i like that. really is a major swell when you have regular chicks that dress all slutty and show lots of leg. i hope they don't get clamped down with too much drama over play and boring sniping. i want to relax and just enjoy looking at them wearing hot outfits and posing and messing around.

  • Freddy Duke
    Freddy Duke

    i wish i could squat down right below that brunette who is being held and have them lower her right on my face. she has cute feet. i like how they are just like regular type girls with flaws like everyone. that makes them even hotter and i want them even more because of that. they are not the typical perfect starlet chick with a team of plastic mold makers hovering. i like it when people are real, or at least it seems that way.

  • Boom

    Implying that an opinion that differs from your own is jealousy. Clever name by the way.

  • susieq

    so did anyone else notice that the heather girl is most definitely transgendered?

  • TexanBarbie

    Not really liking the show. Heather the girl putting all her time and money into a group that could careless about music. Seriously this show is already having way too much drama. They are not going to make it far, if the other girls dont learn to appreciate what Heather is doing for them. Heather should make them chip in for all the things. They have jobs let them help...

  • missyfan

    Wow Riley...I pity your jealousy. Let it all'll feel much better about yourself.

  • Riley

    These are the girls that Sumner Redstone hooked up with and demanded a show for? Wow. I guess when you get old, any nudity is good nudity.


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