New MTV Reality Babes The Electric Barbarellas Rock the Beach (PHOTOS)

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Have you heard of The Electric Barbarellas? If not, then here’s your introduction to the brand-new girl group slash reality show vixens. Oh, and they’re hot, too! What’s more, these girls are giving an eyeful in teeny bikinis on the beach. Totally crush worthy.

All this and talent too: Chelsea, Gynger, Heather, Raven and Missy are more than just pretty girls, they sing, write, play instruments and produce their own music. The girls are on a mission to make it big in the music world with a new reality show where they’ll live, work and play together in a Hollywood Hills mansion. Their series debuts on MTV tomorrow (May 4) following The Real World: Las Vegas.

From the look of these pics, there’s every reason to watch!