Worst Dressed: The 2011 Met Gala (PHOTOS)

With "the Oscars of fashion" taking over New York last night, Celebuzz consulted with Diego Wyatt, fashion expert and founder of How to Zip Your Fly for his take on the Best and Worst looks from the night. Below, Diego's worst-dressed picks.

Stars like Lea Michele, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively and Kanye West aligned on the red carpet to honor iconic fashion designer Alexander McQueen at last night’s Met Gala. Known for its parade of high fashion frocks and enviable couture creations, this year's Gala’s red carpet did not disappoint.

While certain stars sparkled, others missed the mark completely. However, some of the looks sported by celebs sauntering down the red carpet deserve special recognition…for being awesomely bad.

Here are my picks for The Met Gala’s worst-dressed. It’s not so bad being voted worst-dressed. At the end of the day, a bad review is better than no review at all. Right?



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  • Bow Tie Lover
    Bow Tie Lover

    I love his bow tie, pants and his jacket i love the whole outfit

  • lucho.

    love it!!!.

  • lucho.

    she is awsme !!!..an incredible dress...very good make up..nothing to say about her..she knows what fashion is..

  • Amy Lizbeth Breckenridge
    Amy Lizbeth Breckenridge

    oh my gosh...this is by far the worst! she is such a pretty woman with amazing curves. she needs to learn how to dress to flatter her figure - hire a better stylist!!!

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones

    she really looks like a drag on this pic...Plus white is not her color

  • auntbilly

    Honestly We need to take fashion classes, this is horrible in my opinion!

  • auntbilly

    he is cute! I think he is fine!

  • auntbilly

    WHY she is soooo skinny? she looks ... :S

  • auntbilly

    OMG! waht is that???? a cover for a limo, a curtain, a table cloth... I dont know it is just a BLUE NIGHTMARE!

  • auntbilly

    i think that hat...is fine, the dress...I dont know to much feathers..aacchuuuuuu!

  • Jana Koretskaja
    Jana Koretskaja

    amazing dress!!!

  • barbara02

    Oh, Mr. Schue, you look hot!!! Rsrsrsrsrs :D

  • barbara02

    She does the wrong choices almost always!

  • barbara02

    WTF?? She was gorgeous!!!! And her "excessive choice of accesories" resumes on only rings and a tiara! You guys are really bad critics!!

  • libertyfreedom

    Jessica Szohr is good ;)

  • AliceM

    Lol @ the Kristen comments.....you're lame

  • Robster

    Why isnt Kristen Stewart here she sucks and her dress was even wors

  • nina

    while Kristen Stewart's curtain dress made it to the best dressed list?? Yeah they know sh*t about fashion!

  • Ashley

    i'm pretty sure you guys have no idea what fashion is seeing as christina ricci was the best dressed there and was the only one who actually took the dedication to McQueen to heart


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