Benjamin Millepied Busts a Move in the Streets (PHOTOS)

Natalie's Baby Bump!
Tracking the starlet's growing belly.
While Natalie Portman struggles with the later stages of her pregnancy, Benjamin Millepied is dancing in the streets! Rest easy though, it’s all for work.

Millepied, who is currently engaged to Portman as the two await their child together, was spotted in New York City dancing the day away as he filmed a commercial in the streets of Manhattan for Yves Saint Laurent. Looking smooth in a blazer, Benjamin was expressive and flashy as he and a dance partner busted a move for the ad.

Portman has been spotted several times in the past few weeks in New York, showing her ever-growing bump as she nears the birth of her child, The duo gave no indication of a due date when they announced the news, but Portman did say she was due in the summer.

Natalie’s been working it herself. She’s sat out most of the promotional tour for Thor, but the film opens this weekend. Check out the trailer below: