Brody Jenner Suffers Surfing Injury (PHOTO)

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Brody Jenner got a little banged up while surfing, but, according to him, it's was totally worth it!

The Hills reality star tweeted a picture of the wave that caused him a foot injury, tweeting:

"One of the sickest waves of my life..."
But the wave did cost him some time out of the water...

Brody also posted a pic of his bloody foot, and tweeted: "No surfing today... My foot is DESTROYED!!!"

The reality star has been on a surf trip in Indonesia, and at the beginning of his trip, he wrote excitedly:  "My first day in Indonesia I got the best barrel of my life... I am truly blown away how amazing this place is.. Shack fest!!!!" Brody later added, tweeting: "This place is so insane man!!!! Got the best barrel of my life yesterday!!!"

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  • Jude

    Does anyone else just look at this and think "Dang, he's got some nasty guy feet? AND CANKLES. Let's not forget the cankles."


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