‘Cougar Town’ Star Busy Philipps Gives Cinco De Mayo Tips

Busy's 'Cougar Town' Teasers
Busy Phillips talks about the 'Cougar Town' romances.
“It’s a holiday that I’ve always loved,” Busy Philipps said of the margarita-making celebration that is Cinco De Mayo. “I’m from Arizona. …It’s apart of our heritage. So, even though I myself am not Mexican, I’ve still been celebrating Cinco De Mayo since I was a little girl.”

Being an enthusiast of the holiday and the new face of Cinco De Mayo for Pepto-Bismol’s campaign, the Cougar Town star gives Celebuzz her tips for before and after the festivities. 

Busy reveals she’ll be celebrating with some Mexican dishes prepared by her husband. She tells Celebuzz that her family is a big fan of the recipes found in Top Chef star Rick Bayless’ book Everyday Mexican. “I am in charge of guacamole,” she says, adding that she makes her dish spicy and dealing with jalapenos can be tricky. “Most important thing when working with jalapenos is to wear gloves … because those oils stay on your hands and it’s really unfortunate when you rub your eye with a jalapeno finger.” 

As for the perfect hangover cure following a night of drinking tequila, Busy suggests, “Keep the Pepto-Bismol handy and lots of water, coconut water.” The actress adds excitedly, “I really am super into the holiday!”

Other Cinco De Mayo tips composed by Busy and Pepto include:  

  1. Enlist your musician friend to play mariachi music at your party
  2. Host a “Guac-off” in your office between coworkers who insist they have the best recipes
  3. Referee a Chihuahua race at your local dog park
  4. Buy a handful of sombreros and teach your friends the Mexican hat dance
  5. Keep the Pepto-Bismol on hand in case those extra nachos do you over