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Detoxes are all the rage among healthy Hollywood, with celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Reynolds, Reese Witherspoon, Robert Downey, Jr. and more choosing East West Essentials Five-Day Optimal Cleanse as their brand of choice. Celebuzz wants you to get in on the trend! 

The Five-Day Optimal Cleanse is a nutrient-based body detoxification program that incorporates targeted foods, powerful rice-based detox shakes and step-by-step instructions to guide users through the cleanse. Haylie Pomroy, co-founder and celebrity nutritionist, tells Celebuzz: 

"What is different about the Optimal Cleanse from so many others on the market is that you actually eat! Our meal plan includes recipes for some amazing foods. No one ever tells me they go hungry on this program! This is not a fasting cleanse, or a cleanse that strips the body of nutrients. Quite the contrary, it feeds you foods that stimulate weight loss and the detox process. It doesn't just work for you during the days you are on the cleanse, it literally changes your body and sets you on a path so that you can become healthier."
Here’s how to enter: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and then tell us: What’s your favorite way to stay healthy? Tell us in the comments below.
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  • roses

    eating right, drink plenty of water and to balance it all off exercises

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    My favorite ways to stay healthy are to drink plenty of water, eat organic food and play with my kids! @momtoem lejn05 at yahoo dot com

  • Jacq.

    My favorite ways to stay healthy are to drink lots of water, hike and go to Bikram Yoga classes!

  • Holly Mitchell
    Holly Mitchell

    My favorite ways to stay healthy are by taking a muli.Vitamin and Omega 3 every day and by staying active through out my day. I enjoy making a workout up while playing with my 22mo old who is 24lbs. She likes to be lifted up high in the air and then I hold her out infront of me and do squats. Hey it keeps my muscles toned and keeps her laughing! :)

  • Cindy A.
    Cindy A.

    I drink a lot of water, watch what I eat and use my Wii Fit during the winter months. Now that it is finally warming up I'm able to get out and walk around my neighborhood. Ah, fresh air!

  • kclarksonfnatic

    my favorite way to stay healthy is to drink lots of water and maintain a steady gym routine!

  • ecaterina29

    i like to go for my walks that last about three hours. also when i'm brushing my teeth i like to do my squats and do my push ups on the sink or floor. i also jump rope

  • Caitlin S
    Caitlin S

    My favorite way to stay healthy is with a vegetarian diet (sometimes vegan) and work out 3 days a week before work!

  • Tina Volpe
    Tina Volpe

    One of my favorite ways to stay healthy is to minimize my stress with some Bikram yoga.

  • carianiscaraballo

    I drink a lot of water, hot green tea every day after lunch, and i walk every day in the afternoon with my husband.

  • wheat636

    I don't know if that's the whole question ("What’s your favorite…??"), but one of my beauty must-haves are fish oil, vitamin E, and biotin. The combination of the three have made my skin much smoother and my nails and hair much stronger.