Kristen Stewart Takes Her & Robert Pattinson's Dog For a Walk (PHOTOS)

hi bear!
Kristen Stewart Takes Her Dog for a Walk

Adorable! Here is Kristen Stewart Wednesday in New York City taking "Bear" for a walk in the East Village. Remember Bear? This is the dog that she and boyfriend Robert Pattinson rescued together while filming Breaking Dawn.

“Bear was two days away from euthanasia. We thought he was traumatized by his near-death experience,” Pattinson told Elle UK earlier this month. Guess it's clear who "we" is (as if Celebuzz had any doubts).

Kristen was in NYC for The Met Costume Institute Gala Monday, where she killed it in a Proenza Schouler dress.

Rob has been busy promoting Water For Elephants overseas, but was able to squeeze in time to hang with friends.

Meanwhile, it was also confirmed Stewart's prince has been cast! In Snow White and the Huntsman that is. Sam Claflin has landed the coveted role, while the part of the huntsman (Chris Hemsworth, will it be you?) is still up in the air.

From the looks of things it would appear as if Kristen is checking out of her posh hotel. Is it too much to hope that she will be hopping on a plane to meet R.Pattz?



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  • katelilly

    what the hell dog is so ugly!!!!!!!!

  • Katrine Phan
    Katrine Phan

    I asume they are from Oliver Peoples, and that they are called Riley Frames ;)

  • Valentina Habilainen
    Valentina Habilainen

    I like so mush this foto galleries.

  • lahe27

    omg how adorbs!!!! :)

  • sydsouth

    * Calm down, your taking my silly ways too seriously, so unfortunately I have to tell you to shut the fuk up, jeez someone is at that time of the month now aren't we?? * ssshhhhhhhhhh

  • kicker

    if i see that dog down the street i'd probably kill it it's f ugly

  • Aimee Marie
    Aimee Marie

    Any idiot knows that puppies dont know how to walk on leashes right away. So of course she had to pull him a little! She was getting followed by Paps and I can 100% guarantee that as soon as they got these pics they got all up in her face. SHE WANTED TO PROTECT HIM! So stfu

  • Taryn Lancaster
    Taryn Lancaster

    Some of us can actually see the beauty in unusual/interesting looking animals rather than caring about who happens to own them, I myself am drawn more towards odd looking animals rather than the 'catalogue cute' variety and unlike some people I tend to choose personality over looks any day!

  • eE3Q

    all you people whi think that dog is cute just because he is Robs dog crack me up!! That dog is butt ugly!

  • sydsouth

    * Not really, but if you mean the EARS, yes!! (just a joke). I love the name bear for a dog, my neighbor has a ball of fur for a dog named bear, and the little hair ball is so soft!! * =}

  • sydsouth

    * you mean, the dog?? She looks well rested in this picture, cool. Kristen stop yanking the leash! I cannot say that enough, I HATE that. * =}

  • sydsouth

    * OMG funniest comment on this page. Seriously though, she shouldn't yank on the leash, I hate when I see people do that.* STOP THE YANKERS!! =/

  • sydsouth

    * hello little puppy woogie woo boo boo stewart, hello, hellooooo. (Never do this to someones dog!) I hate when people do this to my dog.* lolz that pup is too cute

  • Lucy James
    Lucy James

    I hope that they get the privacy they need. Hopefully Toronto fans have a bit more class. I think it's great that they are in town and bringing some excitement to the streets of Toronto but at the end of the day they are just people like all of us. Don't let the crazies get to you Rob!!

  • Taryn Lancaster
    Taryn Lancaster

    Cute! He looks a bit like an African Wild Dog! V. cool! [img][/img]

  • Taryn Lancaster
    Taryn Lancaster

    Simple way to remedy the situation.....I think a bit of training is needed for both Bear (who at that age should be able to walk properly on a lead) and Kristen (who needs to learn how to control Bear and show him that she is someone worth following).....easy enough with just a bit of time, patience and knowledge. Bear will eventually get used to the paparazzi but in the mean time he needs a calm, confident handler (not someone stressing out and trying to get away from the cameras) to look to for guidence when he is feeling uncomfotable in a particular situation. The last thing they would want is to end up with an out of control large breed dog! I mean no disrespect to Kristen and I am sure she loves Bear to bits (who wouldn't) but I would seriously get advice and help from a dog trainer before any bad habits are formed....make both of your lives easier!

  • treasa

    i'm back!!! sorry i had to d that but your right he is os dam cute.

  • treasa

    i love this dog i want him so bad

  • germanxxannie

    i want these sunglasses so bad! i know they are kind of 'clubmaster' by ray-ban, but does anyone know the exact brand and model?

  • Alana Jaclyn
    Alana Jaclyn

    is it just me or does he resemble the CGI wolves in the twilight movies lol...he is very cute though.

  • Jessica

    if its so upsetting then don't look at the pics... and fyi the dog is doing that cause he is a puppy and there are a lot of people around and he is scared. Kristen is just trying to get away from all the cameras and shit.

  • Lynn

    Kristen, stop dragging the poor dog! Take some lessons on how to walk a dog. This is very upsetting.

  • Steff17

    great!! robert and kristen amazing couple!!

  • Anna Uemura
    Anna Uemura

    Hey!!!! Kristen is not a bitch!!!! Like what Carolyn said, she is animal lover and she deserves some respect even if you are nonsten. She's taking Bear for a walk on that day and she loves to do that without papz and cameras in front of them, i'm sure. As you can see she just wanted to avoid papz cuz she love her privacy.

  • Chris

    They are definitely not having sex. Cause the dog will be in the middle. Not that it matters cause he is not THEIR dog, he is Roberts and the two aren't having sex unless Robert's penis has turned into a vagina.

  • Chris

    That's because he is NOT her dog. He is Robert's dog. He's doing publicity so as a friend she offered to dog sit. Nothing more or less. But because Bear is with Robert all the time he's being a pill cause he isn't with his 'daddy'

  • Anna Uemura
    Anna Uemura

    Robert and Kristen's dog :):):):) this cute Bear is so lucky!!!!!

  • Mishi Rahman
    Mishi Rahman

    ewww!! the God is not good !

  • edwardbella2

    She is looking adoreable,prettier than ever,simple and sweet!!Love you kristen!!

  • Tayly Fan
    Tayly Fan

    OMG! Kristen with Bear = Bearstew!!! <3 :P Love them!! <3

  • Sisi

    Poor dog!

  • Carolyn Martinez-Corbin
    Carolyn Martinez-Corbin

    You know what they say of a couple that get a pet together...Deal with it!!!

  • Carolyn Martinez-Corbin
    Carolyn Martinez-Corbin

    Rob has said his pup has been spooked, but she looks like she is handling him well, considering. He needs to get use to the leash, and it is a cold and rainy day. Kris could have left him indoors, but decided a walk would be better. Good for her considering the judgement this poor girl gets wherever she goes. Bitches calling her a 'bitch'. She is an extreme animal lover like Rob, and i have seen many pics of her, being very loving towards her animals. I'm a Rob fan, that felt the need to defend his girl, who, whether they were together or not, deserves respect from fellow Rob fans. Reguardless, he cares for this girl. If you are just 'haters' get a damn life, or take a self-help course.

  • Stifflet

    He's a puppy! Stop pulling him along bitch!

  • suwi

    so cute! love this!

  • Sand

    So cute! Lovely to see them together! They can keep each other company while Robs away!

  • Phills

    They are both adorable!!! Bless him getting used to his collar and leash! He looks so playful. I bet they have a lot of fun together!

  • kist

    How did the people who named him come up with "Yogi Bear"? With that cute little baby face he looks more like a "Boo Boo Bear"! He's adorable! :)

  • heather

    I useualy dont like to view "pap" pictures. but he is to damn cute. and its nice that they took that dog and gave him a good life.

  • Zoe

    Oh jealous girls are so funny when they comment. You know why I bet thinks she's amazing with Bear? Rob. lol.

  • shania

    You can see Bear's name tag. OHHHH cutest dog EVER !!!

  • Emilie Godmudda Cureton
    Emilie Godmudda Cureton

    Looks like the dog doesn't want to walk with her, so she drags him. LOL. Good job Kristen, good job. You are an awesome dog walker.

  • Gloria Zavala
    Gloria Zavala

    Wow it looks like she's in a hurry and dragging him.

  • ddddffff

    yes i know is good

  • LoveRobsten

    Taryn: I love how you are so accurate about your coverage of Rob and Kristen and their dog (BEAR). I appreciate your comments on our favorite couple. Please keep up the good work sweetie.