Exclusive: Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens Feud Rumors 'Not True,' Says Rep

Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens Feuding?

Are Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens feuding over Vanessa's partying ways? No way says Vanessa and Selena's rep.

SelGo and VHud have been friends for many years, but a new report claimed that the two stars were fighting because Selena disapproved of Vanessa's "constant partying" after her split from longtime beau Zac Efron. However, the stars' rep exclusively tells Celebuzz that the fight rumor is completely false.

"Absolutely 100% not true," the rep tells Celebuzz. "Star [magazine] made the whole thing up."

The report, which appeared in this week's issue of Star, claimed that Vanessa was "jumping from guy to guy and going out multiple nights a week" and that Selena wanted to "phase her out" of her life.

"Selena’s very conscious of what the public thinks, and she disapproves of Vanessa’s constant partying," a source originally told Star (via HollywoodLife). "It could reflect badly on her too."

The report went into direct conflict with a recent interview that Selena did with Seventeen magazine where the Wizards of Waverly Place star said that she "loves" Vanessa and would never date her celeb crush Zac because of their close friendship.

Even though she split from Zac several months ago, Vanessa has avoided public partying and hooking up with multiple guys. In fact, Vanessa has been spotted cuddling with only one man since her split with Zac – The Kids Are All Right star Josh Hutcherson.

Selena, 18, is currently dating pop star Justin Bieber. The "Year Without Rain" star recently made headlines after she ended her feud with longtime friend Demi Lovato after Demi entered treatment for her bipolar disorder. Demi says that she blames herself and her bipolar disorder for the crumbling of the pair's strong relationship.

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  • idaolivia

    i didnt know that vanessa and selena were friends??

  • brianna

    Yeah, and tell us how you would know that? Because you know them all so well right? By looking at their pictures, videos and reading celeb gossip? And she "makes her hair good"? Please, at least Selena knows how to look good or else I bet your criticizing self would be talking bad about her hair. If Selena was bad I wish she would flip off all her haters who just can't shut up about her and give you all something else to keep running your mouths.

  • Lisa

    BTW, why is the picture that I posted as my icon of Cheryl HUGE unless it's only showing it like that to me and not to anyone else. Well I'm not posting a pic again.

  • Roselove Zanessa
    Roselove Zanessa

    no.selena and nessa are friend you know already the hollywood life every time they mix up the story.........

  • MissLatina

    Selena is soo fake! She tries to says the perfect things because of the public,she is a bad girl,really,she does everything for fame,money..etc. When Nick Jonas was big,she picks him from Miley Cyrus,When Taylor Lautner was big,she goes with him,now,Justin Bieber is very big,she dates him! I know she does'nt love Justin,When Justin hugs her,she looks to the camera's! Or she makes her hair good! But Jasmine Looves Justin real....I know that..

  • she couldin't get him if she tried anyway selena's ugly
    she couldin't get him if she tried anyway selena's ugly

    So effing stupid THEY ONLY MET ONCE WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?!?!??!?

  • Gabby

    Wow Selena said she would never go after Vanessa's ex but she did that to Miley, Taylor and Jasmine Villegas. Smh