Tina Fey ‘Swearing For Two’ in ‘SNL’ Promos (VIDEO)

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She’s back! Tina Fey is returning to Saturday Night Live this weekend, and in anticipation of the hilarity that is sure to ensue, take a look at her SNL promos! Just because she has a baby on the way doesn’t mean she’s toning down her potty mouth! In fact, the 30 Rock star says she’s “swearing for two!” 

The funny girl will be hosting the show, while Ellie Goulding will be the musical guest. In the promo, SNL cast member Kenan Thompson asks Tina, “Now you got a book out called Bossypants, right?” After she nods and agrees, Kenan adds, “I got a website out called Booty Pants.” Tina responds awkwardly, “Oh, that’s different.”

Tina got her start on SNL and made a name for herself as a Weekend Update anchor alongside Jimmy Fallon. The Mean Girls writer then went on head up 30 Rock, but returned to her roots during the previous presidential election when she started impersonating former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on the late night sketch show. 

Also set to host the SNL season finale is Justin Timberlake. Justin is easily one of the best repeat hosts (along with others like Jon Hamm and Alec Baldwin).