Why Is Sienna Miller Partying With Robert Pattinson?

Sienna's Sexiest Looks
Miss Miller at her absolute finest!
Sienna Miller rushes out of Robert Pattinson’s hotel at 3:15 am” reads the paparazzi caption accompanying this shot of Sienna early Wednesday morning. 

Rob is back in London where he celebrated the premiere of Water For Elephants Tuesday night. So what is Sienna’s connection?

She is still dating Tom Sturridge, Rob’s best friend! The two have been close for several years, before she and Jude Law got back together this last round, and their friendship turned into something more several months ago. 

Tuesday night Miller left The Royal Haymarket Theatre after after performing in The Flare Path (which she is supposedly fantastic in) to go meet up with R.Pattz and Tom at the Home House Private Members Club elsewhere in London. Reese Witherspoon was also in attendance for the low key celebration.

Sienna was then seen hopping into an awaiting car with Tom where they headed off into the night.

It’s been a while since Tom and Rob have seen each other! Sturridge has been over in London with Sienna while Rob finished up filming Breaking Dawn.

You can see Tom on the big screen with Rob’s GF Kristen Stewart in On the Road. Don’t you love all the Brit-pack connections?

We would love to be a fly on the wall for a Rob, Kristen, Sienna, and Tom double date! Wouldn’t you?