Did Brad Pitt & Courteney Cox Have Dinner Together? (PHOTOS)

Cox in a Bikini
Check out pics of Courteney's bikini bod!
Uh oh, what would Jennifer Aniston say? Brad Pitt and Courteney Cox were both spotted leaving Los Angeles hot spot Beso (albeit separately) on Wednesday night, sending celebrity-watchers into a frenzy.

Now, just because Jen Aniston’s ex-husband and her best friend were spotted leaving the same restaurant doesn’t mean that they were dining together, but that won’t stop people from speculating as to why the two were at the same place together. Maybe the two just happened to be at the same place at the same time – or myabe it was just a chance for two longtime friends to catch up?

After he finished his dinner, Brad was spotted attending a James Blunt concert later in the evening. Check out more photos of Brad and Courteney at Beso and be sure to follow Celebuzz on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr for more celeb photos.