James Franco’s Play ‘Collage’ Hits Stage for Limited Time

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After hitting the stage at the Oscars, James Franco is returning to a live performance format with his new play.

The actor’s production called Collage will have a two-weekend release at the New York University-affiliated Stella Adler Theater, according to the New York Daily News. Franco originally wanted to stage the play at Yale University, where he was studying, but settled on NYU after Yale seemed to have too many rules. “Yale puts on a lot of undergraduate play productions, and they have a lot of rules,” the 127 Hours actor said of the university’s red tape. “Students only get the theater for one weekend.” So will Franco be performing in the his production?

According to the Daily News, the Oscar nominee will be the narrator of the play that he describes as “a strike between the sexes.” He adds that it’s a combination of “dance poetry” and “scenes from classic plays.” The audience is also a big part of the production as they will be given cameras to film the show. 

Franco is currently is pursuing a degree  in filmmaking at the Tish School of Arts. “I have really good relationships at NYU,” the actor said. 

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