Justin Bieber Texts & Travels in Australia (PHOTOS)

What is Justin Bieber texting about that has him so distracted?

The 17-year-old pop star was spotted deep in texting mode as he boarded a private plane with his entourage in Melbourne, Australia. Wearing a navy blue Adidas tracksuit, Bieber looked like he was in a giggly mood as he read from his phone. Hm, maybe girlfriend Selena Gomez was sending Biebs some love texts?

Check out more photos of Bieber flying out of Melbourne and share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • kkkk

    no dear u r mistaking...she iz a girl..

  • alla

    I think he deserves to be famous:)...he followed his dreams ...so all the haters be wise and not hate:)

  • Sara Al Tamimi
    Sara Al Tamimi

    he is the most hottest celebrtie before nick jonas

  • Nelissa Joy Esteban
    Nelissa Joy Esteban

    Busy texting :)))

  • DentaBelieber4ever

    Loweeeeeeeeeee youu Justin<3<3 ur the best bboy in planet :))<3

  • Rain Wong
    Rain Wong

    What is the iphone cover is he using? is that an iphone 4?

  • Renee Cole
    Renee Cole

    keep up the good work justin i really like the video of the kid that was being bullied my daughter is picked on everyday and you inspire her to fight back everyday and she struggles with it but i would bet that justin is texting his girl and if not her then his mom if she is not with him but i would bet it is selena gomez anyways justin keep up the work and staying connected to your fans i know my girls adore you alot and you inspire them in alot of ways also

  • bieberfever054

    okay, i am a huge bieber fan like its crazy i absolutely love him, but like seriously, c'mon now. why do you guys wanna know what he texts about or who he texts? would you all like it if the whole world know what you were texting about? of coarse not. because its called privacy. sorry, that sounded rude, but that stuff just bugs me. everyone already knows everything about his life, but you guys wanna go into what he texts too? wow just wow. one word, privacy.

  • rainbowpanda


  • rainbowpanda


  • rainbowpanda

    ahhh justin bieber yes he's HOT

  • rainbowpanda

    awww he looks sooo cute

  • Marlyn

    Wow the press and the papz are fucking stupid, leave the kid alone