50 Years of Handsome: Happy Birthday, George Clooney! (PHOTOS)

In the current world of here-today-gone-tomorrow celebrities, A-listers with longevity like George Clooney are few and far between. So, given that Friday May 6 is the day that Mr. Clooney turns 50 years old, it’s only right to take a look back at how he’s gone from long-haired struggling actor to Oscar-winning philanthropist and one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces.

Ever since breaking through in The Facts of Life in 1985, Clooney’s good looks and charm made him an instant hit. He then graduated to Roseanne and E.R., and quickly became a big screen staple in Hollywood. Out of Sight and Three Kings are two of Celebuzz’s early Clooney faves, and then, things got serious. Clooney’s recent work included political thrillers like Good Night, and Good Luck along with Michael Clayton and Syriana (which he won an Oscar for). But he’s also got a funny bone, brilliantly pulling off roles in the Ocean’s series, Burn After Reading and other light-hearted films.

He also contributes his time and fame to charitable and social causes across the globe, adding an even bigger dimension to his persona.

Simply put, George is a Hollywood legend whose stature only continues to grow with each year. So, here’s to his 50 years of life already, and to all the rest that are coming.