Angelina Jolie: ‘I Don’t Have Musical Talent’

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On the lead up to the release of the sequel of Kung Fu Panda, Angelina Jolie shares her insecurities when it comes to being an entertainer in Hollywood.

“You know, when you hear your own voice, you can find it quite boring and uninteresting,” the actress told USA Today. The mother of six is the voice of Tigress in Kung Fu Panda 2. “Suddenly, you get very shy that your voice is not enough, because I’m not musical and I don’t know my voice.” The actress admitted that in the beginning of her career she was very nervous about voiceover work and tried out a few zany voices. 

However apprehensive she may feel about her vocals, the Jolie-Pitt clan love that she’s in the Kung Fu movies! “They know when mommy’s funny and when mommy’s not funny,” she said, adding that the first film was “was one of the kids’ favorite movies.”

Jolie also opened up about the panda himself, Jack Black, saying she envies his talent. “I don’t have musical talent, so I always thought it was really cool that he could be an actor to a lot of us but equally a rock star.” She said of first meeting him, “I was crazy about him. … I had seen him in everything he’d done, but what I really knew him for was music.” Black is apart of a mock-rock duo called Tenacious D, and also starred in the movie School of Rock.