Giveaway Alert! As Seen on Oprah! Get Julia Roberts' Favorite Things: Sea Thos Tote & More

Julia Roberts Sea-Thos Tote Giveaway
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If you watched today's Oprah, you know Julia Roberts helped out by giving away some of her favorite things -- including a Sea Thos tote! The Sea Thos Foundation promotes education and awareness of the human impact on the world's oceans, making the bag a great everyday reminder to protect our natural resources.

Lancome and Coach products were also on Julia's list of favorites. All items from the show will be included in the bag, and we've got five of 'em to give out. 

Julia says of Sea Thos: 

"Here we have the ocean, it's like a treasured member of our family that we need to care for. It's our greatest resource. It's 2/3 of the planet. It's now time that we all see what's happened and what we've all done together as a collective. If we can't undo it, let's at least stop doing it."
Here’s how to enter: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and then tell us: What's your favorite Julia Roberts movie? Tell us in the comments below.


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  • Emma

    My favorite Julia Roberts movie was Erin Brockovich because it is the only movie based on a true story I have watched her act in and I feel like in that movie Julia Roberts portrayed Brockovich as if they were the same person: the way she dressed, spoke, and did everything just like she was the actual Erin Brockovich seems to me like a very hard think to do but she did it and in this movie her true art of acting really 'spoke' to me and I understood how truly hard acing is. Thank you for this I like you on facebook and twitter @LAluver101

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    My best friend's wedding is my fave! @momtoem lejn05 at yahoo dot com

  • Fred Cochrane
    Fred Cochrane

    Julia Roberts has done a number of fine films but Erin Brockovich was a superb acting performance. She was also great in Stepmom and Charlie Wilson's War but almost nobody saw that one... Liked and Followed

  • kenzieannc

    My favorite Julia Roberts Movie is Erin Brockovich, she plays the controversial strong woman perfectly.

  • Emily N.
    Emily N.

    I'd have to say Pretty Woman because whenever I see it on TV I have to watch at least part of it. Facebook fan Emily N. Twitter follower prizepuzzle

  • kclarksonfnatic

    My favorite Julia Roberts movie is Notting Hill

  • Gayle Watkins
    Gayle Watkins

    Following on FB and Twitter. My favorite is Steel Magnolias and then Sleeping WIth the Enemy.

  • Natasha Rao
    Natasha Rao

    Pretty Woman for sure! It was one of the things to start my love of fashion! She was AMAZING in the movie and still to this day when I feel like I am not getting LOVE from the sale people while shopping, I think of Julia:) WWJD (What Would Julia Do)LOL! LOVE it! RT on Twitter and following, of course Liked on Facebook Thanks! Natasha Fashionalities

  • 0170kennedt

    I love Pretty Woman! Classic Julia!

  • chelseakearns16

    Pretty woman! flatliners! sleeping with the enemy! and steel magnolias <3 love her sooo much! shes my favourite actress ever! xxxxxx

  • Amy

    Eat pray love, pretty woman, the mexican and mona lisa smiles ;)

  • Kayla1

    also followed on twitter; kayjeanette and on FB

  • Caroline Biggs
    Caroline Biggs

    I follow you on Facebook and Twitter, but Steel Magnolias is my favorite!!!!

  • Heidi Waldschmidt Winters
    Heidi Waldschmidt Winters

    Difficult to choose...probably Pretty Woman, Erin Brochovich and Mystic Pizza.

  • lizchape17

    Love Julia.. Favorite movies..Pretty Woman..and Steel Magnolia's

  • evrywoman

    Hello- Follower on both Facebook and Twitter. My favorite is Steel Magnolia's... I cry everytime! Thank you!

  • Lisa Jo Smith Davis
    Lisa Jo Smith Davis

    Julia's movie Pretty Woman is the one I like the best.

  • Cindy A.
    Cindy A.

    Facebook: Cindy A. Twitter: @normawatson My favorites are Pretty Woman and Mystic Pizza.

  • Linda Brooks
    Linda Brooks

    My favorite is Pretty woman its Julia at her best.

  • megwn6

    Julia has been my favorite actress for years and I think her best film is The Pelican Brief.

  • Tami St John Rankin
    Tami St John Rankin

    I "liked" you on FB. Pretty Woman will forever be my fave.

  • Jennifer Oneill
    Jennifer Oneill

    Erin Brockavich. Self motivation inspires all women. She was so caring and made sure things got done for all the people who needed her help. Loved It.

  • Chaplain Donna
    Chaplain Donna

    My favorite Julia Robert's movie is Erin Brockovich! That movie inspires me every time I watch it!

  • emorgan223

    Pretty Woman!

  • Rust Hawk
    Rust Hawk

    Pretty Woman is my favorite of all of Julia's movies! I am following you on twitter @rusthawk and also on facebook.

  • Allison Blaine
    Allison Blaine

    My Best Friend's Wedding! And I could really use the step exercise DVD to get ready for my own wedding! I <3 that Julia loves step too.

  • Dayna Marquardt
    Dayna Marquardt

    I love Julia! My favorite is Mystic Pizza. Love the whole 80s feel in it :)

  • Kicking Snowflakes
    Kicking Snowflakes

    Through-Out her whole carrier she has been nothing but CLASSY always takeing care of her apperance, looks, and how she handles her self. My super fav movie is PRETTY WOMAN which describes her LIFE. ty for the chance to enter APPRECIATE IT. Tweeting as @lovmyck

  • Kayla1

    My all time favorite Julia Roberts movie has to be Erin Brockovich

  • Felicia Escobedo
    Felicia Escobedo

    like you on fb and follow on twitter @fce431 My favorite movie is Pretty Woman

  • Deborah Vought
    Deborah Vought

    Pretty Woman is my fav Julia Robert's movie!!!

  • Cesar Tafoya
    Cesar Tafoya

    My favorite movie of Julia's is definitely Closer.

  • Jennifer Minutolo
    Jennifer Minutolo

    I love The Pelican Brief!!

  • Jackie Williams
    Jackie Williams

    Pretty Woman!

  • Jana McAfee
    Jana McAfee

    I just love julia!!! She is definitely on my all time top 10 favorite people not just actors. Loved every movie she was in ...but i guess i would have to say faith, joy, love and the pelican breif

  • ecaterina29

    like you on facebook and follow you on twitter. i guess i would have to go with the mexican or erin brockovich

  • owliegrowlie

    I really like her in the ensemble cast of Oceans 11 & 12, but for Julia alone it has to be either Notting Hill or Erin Brockovich! :o)

  • carianiscaraballo

    A classic one Pretty Woman and Slepping with the Enemy.

  • Elisabeth

    I like you on FB and follow on twitter! I adore Julia Roberts and loved her in My Best Friends Wedding. I'm so thankful she's bringing attention to our oceans!!!