Is Christina Aguilera Copping Serious Diva-tude on ‘The Voice’?

Golden Xtina
Aguilera at the 2011 Golden Globes!
Christina and Matt
Aguilera and her new man out and about.
Expert on Christina
A psychologist gives his opinion on Christina Aguilera.
Uh-oh, could Celebuzz’s favorite new show The Voice be nothing but the drama behind-the-scenes? According to new reports, judge Christina Aguilera “has taken difficult to a whole new level” with her behavior.

The story claims fellow judge Adam Levine is particularly upset with her “above-it-all attitude” and that that the crew is rallying behind him because they “can’t stand her” either.

Wanting to know the truth, Celebuzz went straight to a source on the production itself.

“I was actually surprised how normal she was,” our source tells us. “She hasn’t been difficult, that report isn’t accurate at all. Christina has been very professional on set.”

Apparently she has even brought her son Max with her a few times. Adds Celebuzz’s insider:

“We’ve even seen ‘the mom’ side of Christina. Everything has been going really smooth filming The Voice, and all the judges are excited at its success.”

Glad to hear it! And actually believe it. Be sure to tune into The Voice on NBC every Tuesday at 9 PM. Battle rounds begin next week.