‘Judas’ Star Norman Reedus Talks Badassery Behind Lady Gaga Video

Norman Reedus didn’t have to fake his biker creds in Lady Gaga’s “Judas” video — he rode his own motorcycle! Talking to Celebuzz, The Walking Dead star revealed what Gaga is like behind the scenes, plus learning his show’s season two secrets! 

So, what is working with Lada Gaga really like?

Some people say “Judas” is very controversial. What do you make of that?
It’s less controversial than people expected. I don’t think it should offend people or anything. The messages get people talking.

You didn’t necessarily audition for this part?
They had actually been talking to my management company about it. I was working on a movie at the time. They somehow fit it into my schedule and it all came together. I didn’t audition, but when I found out that they were interested, I went with it.

You wore a pretty sweet jacket. Did you get to keep any of the wardrobe?
No. They took the jacket back. I did use my own motorcycle though, so that was nice.

How much did you get to interact with Lady Gaga?
She’s such a hard worker that she had a lot going on at the same time. She had a lot to do, but she was fantastic the times that we did work together. She came up with her own idea on the spot –- like the gun with the lipstick. That was really cool. She’s fun.

Your show, The Walking Dead, was picked up for a second season. Do you have any idea what is to come?
They let me in the writer’s room, so I do know some stuff that’s happening. I have some pretty cool hero stuff coming up [to remain secret]. I’m excited.

You have a son, right?
I do – he’s 11. He just had a jog-a-thon at his school to raise money and I just got back from that. I’m very proud of him.

What are you favorite parts about being a dad?
You know, I really love the goofy things that happen around the house. There’s a lot of laughter around us. The stuff that comes out of his mouth is really funny. It’s always the little things.

You’re also an artist and have had some exhibitions, where can we see your work?
I am. I just had a group show and that went pretty well. I have a website of a production company I’m involved with at www.bigbaldhead.com. There’s some cool stuff there.

Norman is currently working on the film, Hello Herman, and starts shooting season two of The Walking Dead in a couple weeks.