Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Join the ‘Jersey Floor’ (VIDEO)

Tina Shows Her Bump!
Tina Fey flaunts her baby bump!
The ladies and gentlemen of Saturday Night Live reunited on Thursday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, with the help of the “Jersey Floor.”

Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch were all transformed into Jersey girls as they joined Jimmy at the party. Jimmy explains at the beginning of the sketch that there’s a button in the NBC elevator labeled “Jersey Floor,” and when a person goes to that floor, they are immediately transformed into a member of the Jersey Shore. That’s exactly what happened to Tina and Amy when they pressed that button. 

Once the ladies hit the floor, they were described by one of the men at the party as “RTB,” which stands for “ready to bone.” Jimmy does his best Jersey Shore impression, describing Amy and Tina, saying, “Well, I dunno about these girls. They were kinda weird. Like they needed to, like, see a brain doctor or something.”

Amy yells in the club to a guy on the dancefloor, “Lets have a relationship.” Cut to a pregnant Tina screaming over the music to Jimmy, “I wanna make babies with you.” If you still haven’t gotten your fill of Tina after watching this sketch, you can still check her out this weekend when she will be hosting SNL.