Because He’s Hot: Robert Pattinson Flies Out of Sydney (PHOTOS)

RPattz & An Elephant!
Rob & Reese pose with giant star!
Sorry, Aussies: Celebuzz Certified Dreamboat Robert Pattinson has officially left the Land Down Under.

The Twilight star was spotted taking his handsome mug (and guitar) out of Sydney as he caught a flight out of the Oz city this weekend. The star was in Australia along with Reese Witherspoon to promote their new film, Water for Elephants. The city of Sydney pulled out all the stops for Reese and Rob, even bringing a giant elephant to a press conference for the film.

In other Rob news, the British-born actor recently revealed that he used to pretend that he was friends with the Royal Family when he first moved to Los Angeles.

“It’s very easy to convince people that you’re a member of the Royal Family or know people [if you are British],” Rob explained on The Graham Norton Show last week. “I hadn’t worked for three years — I was unemployed in London — and when people asked what I’d been doing, I told people I went to RADA with Prince William.” (RADA being the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.)

“People would be like, ‘Wonderful, you’re English, I totally believe you’!”

Watch Rob’s interview (and bonus interview with Reese!) below.

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