Lady Gaga Debuts Latest Track 'Edge of Glory' (LISTEN)

Gaga's 'Born' Video
Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' Video
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Monday has been the day of premieres!

Not only did Taylor Swift and Rihanna each premiere videos of their own, Lady Gaga debuted the latest single off her Born This Way album, "Edge of Glory."

This is the third track off BTW (which hits stores on May 23) so how does it size up to "Born This Way," and "Judas"?

While we haven't heard the whole album yet, it seems to have a definite "dance" centric feel to it.

Gaga tweeted lyrics in anticipation of the video, saying:

"'I need a man who thinks it right when it's so wrong, right on the limits where we know we both belong'. 2.5 hours until glory."
Take a listen for yourself above, then tell us what you think of it on Twitter or Facebook!
Watch 'Judas'
Lady Gaga Judas
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    Better than Judas