Reese Witherspoon Returns From Overseas With Mysterious Leg Injury (PHOTOS)

Reese's Cutest Looks
Miss Witherspoon, from 'Legally Blonde' to mom.
Reese Witherspoon is back in the states from her whirlwind Water for Elephants promotional tour, and it looks like she had a little mishap between now and then.

The newlywed spent her mother’s day attending church with her hubby Jim Toth along with her kids Ava and Deacon as she stepped out with a boot on her left leg.

So, how did Reese end up with the injury?

No one is really sure yet, but we have a feeling this will hinder her usual jogs around Brentwood.

Reese has been overseas for the last few weeks visiting Australia, London and more while promoting Water for Elephants with her dreamy co-star Robert Pattinson.

Despite the injury, Reese looked chic in a short sleeved blouse and blue high-waisted skirt, while her son looked dapper in a jacket and tie.

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