Rihanna Unveils ‘California King Bed’ (VIDEO)

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Rihanna might be overseas helping Nivea celebrate their 100 year anniversary, but her sexy new video for “California King Bed” has hit the internet.

In the video, RiRi and her man (both wearing practically nothing) get sexy between the sheets on their bed by the beach.

This isn’t the only video of the 23-year-old stunner you’ll get to see.

The video for “Man Down,” is set to be released soon as well. Rihanna told MTV News about the song saying:

“The special thing in that song is the fact that it’s a female singing those lyrics, then you have that reggae thing and the chant; the overall energy in that song is so gangsta. It’s got a lot of swagger. I really enjoy it.”

She even tweeted about the video in anticipation early on Monday:

#RihannaCKBvideo hurrrrryyyyyyy

Watch Rihanna’s new video above!

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