Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Toronto Lovers!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Toronoto
Rob's New Costar
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Spring is in the air, and Celebuzz has some Twilight romance news for anyone that's a "sucker" for love! Robert Pattinson has left Sydney ... to go meet up with girlfriend Kristen Stewart -- and their dog Bear, of course. 

After spending a few days in New York City, Kristen jetted up to Toronto following The Met Costume Institute Gala. If you aren't a Twi-hard you may not think it's that big of a deal, but every R.Pattz fan knows he starts filming Cosmopolis there in the next week or so. Pre-production is just getting started and it is sounding like Kristen will be there by his side.

Or living with him?

That's right, it remains to be seen if Stewart will be spending the majority of her time off this summer in Toronto (and NYC) where Rob will be filming, but as of now sources confirm to Celebuzz that she is staying there with her boyfriend! In fact, Stewart even headed up a few days before Rob arrived to get the place ready.

Too cute!

There have been a couple sightings of K.Stew around town (Thor actress tweeted she was a "sweet kid" and had a "cute dog"), and if you choose to put faith in the good non-verified Twittering people of Toronto, then the love birds have already been spotted getting affectionate together over the weekend:

"#Twihards, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are walking their dog. ... Yes, they're holding hands."

The neighborhood Kristen, and apparently Rob, have been spotted around is where we have heard they are staying so let's try and keep the area as paparazzi free as possible by not blogging about it, yes?

Here's hoping Pattinson and Stewart get some time to relax together before he starts filming. Rob has been working nonstop! Glad he had a nice present waiting for him when he arrived in Toronto. 



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  • raminta

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  • Guest

    Hopefully he will come to his senses soon and find someone who is worthy of him.

  • oniszko2

    Robert Pattinson and K Stewart are not togegher, this was a PR stunt made up by the studio.....This is the second night Robert Patt was out in Toronto, a couple of days ago he was at a concert for Adele w/out K Stewart we were sitting 2 seats away from him I must tell you his is the kindest and truly genuine person I have ever met.... Now for the good stuff he was a a bar with a blonde women looked to me like Sienna Miller, I could not really tell, but they were kissing and making out all of the place and left togeter.......................................

  • delle1

    Geez,I can't believe that there are people out there that still do not think Rob and Kristen are a couple.....Get your heads out of your arses and move on,Rob and Kristen are living their lives together at the moment and good for them to keep their privacy!

  • Steff17

    great!! but leave them alone!!

  • w

    They are together if they weren't why would they have been spotted in the 'isle of wight' in england on 2 consecutive christmas holidays. Not exactly known to be a celebrity hotspot. Just somewhere nice and quiet where they could get away from it all. But I guess they wont go there again as too many people tweeted about it the last time they were there.

  • cleo

    Actually, fans like you make him depressed.

  • Team Robsten, bitch!
    Team Robsten, bitch!

    It's obviously that you just jealous! But that's ok! You are still jerk! If that's RP then i don't know what to said about others Hollywood couples who are front the paprz 24 /7! Get a life and Fuck you! :D

  • robert

    Rob was spotted Monday night or should we say tuesday morning (4am) at the lakeview with some friends (female)

  • Robster

    Kristen's theeth ewww

  • dee

    I have to agree Toronto is not that exclusive I live just across the border in Northern NY and have been to Toronto so many times I have lost count. Though I do have to admit most citizens there do respect the famous. I was at a bar there and a famous country and western singer was there and he was left alone, I will not name names but I thought it was amazing at how he was able to mingle without being bothered while inside. Now when he went outside he was bombarded by the press but it was very nice to see him be able to just be human and have a drink without people bothering him. I hope the same comes for Robert and Kristen, hopefully they will get a chance to check out the 1000 islands and bonnie castle while they are so close. Ignore the haters they are most likely just jealous these people have lives and are not sharing it with the world. Personally I do not think it is anyones business but their own whether or not they dating and I am glad they are keeping it secret, i hope they both get some privacy, the press is going to push them both over the edge. They are both excellent actors but in the end remember they are just human like us and they deserve privacy.

  • edwardbella2

    Offcourse they are together but please don't follow them. let them live their own personal life please it's a request....leave them alone....

  • Joe Melnick
    Joe Melnick

    What the hell are you talking about? Toronto isn't a police state, with 'well patrolled' neighbourhoods where outsiders are spotted and removed. That's just about the stupidest thing I've ever read about the city. I live here too and the most exclusive neighborhood has nothing of the sort. And you've obviously never been to TIFF or you would have seen the hordes of paps everywhere.

  • suwi

    Love this Thanks! <3

  • cookie

    The area where Rob & Kristen are staying is an exclusive neighborhood and well patrolled, so idiots cannot be hanging around taking pics. The residents there and the shops are very exclusive and if you don't belong, trust me you'll be spotted asap, so don't even try. I live here and Toronto is very respectful of the stars that film here. My son worked for Club Monaco and Tom Cruise came in then and the salespeople did not go gag over him, nor did the shoppers. Unlike the Couve where there's is a lot of paps,'cause it's close to LA, here you get the occasional photos but celebs are not bothered here. So hopefully Kristen and Rob will have a nice summer. There are a lot of events going on in TO starting in June with the Bollywood version of the Oscars, it's being held for the 1st time in T.O. I hope Kstew and Rpatzz and Bear have a great summer.

  • Haters

    Here a nonsten tweet calling Kristen "clingy". Let's see, this idiot tells Kristen to go home to her family. She's 21. She's a grown ass woman. She's with her man! WTF? These females have never had a man. When Rob went to Kristen's movie set then drove across America to meet up on her On the Road movie set makes him "clingy"? Or is he just a boyfriend meeting up with his girl? Why isn't he "clingy"? These nonsten haters need to get over themselves because one day they're going to find out that they either will be getting married or just are LOL!! If you follow this person, follow her followers and you'll find a plethora of cray cray nonstens. What this crazy nonsten actually said that she was intensely into Michael Arangano. That's not true. She has never said she was in love with him. When Twilight was filming early on, he visited the set but you never saw her visit any set of his. And no one was following Kristen's personal life until Twilight happened and even then no one even cared because the focus was always on Robert and her. MA wasn't hardly in the picture. You saw Kristen go to concerts and dinner with Rob. You never saw that with MA. So how into MA was Kristen? Being as though she was only a teenager and he was really the first guy she really really dated, what makes anyone think a 15 or 16 year old teenager was so head over heels in love. Even on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet pictures did anyone check out how she was standing next to MA? Was it really loving? NO! So WTF is this person here tweeting about? Delusional robsessed female at its best. Here's something to make you laugh: On Monday 9th May 2011, @BecauseWeAreNot said: by Jess2021 » Sat May 07, 2011 7:46 am She needs to get a life for reals. Doesn't she know how pathetic she looks. She does not look fierce or cool or super awesome. So looks stupid and sad and clingy. And since sheep think her and Rob are together then lets look at this. MA was her first love. usually first loves are serious and intence. Things such as major clingyness happens. (This is just in general not saying it happens to everyone) But when you are as young as she was it happens. She was NEVER like this with MA. Cllingy I mean. Hey maybe she and he went on trips together but didn't they have time apart sometimes.. In fact YES they did I remember early on this trip they did. So WTF is her problem now? I don't think Rob and her are or ever have been together. But she HAS to know that this CONSTANT contact with Rob is making her look horrible. And she needs to go home already and get some time with her family. Like NOW! Again it's for work. But COME ON give it a rest! And wait didn't someone say she has friends in Toronto? Or was that NY?

  • Rodica

    Depress is;reese,kristen and another similar,because wrong sex =depress and I FEEL VERY WELL THIS STUPID SIN !!! ROB PLEASE STOP SIN!!!

  • PG

    PR LOL!! Need pictures LOL!! It's funny how everyone on set could see Brad and Angelina had hot chemistry on Mr. and Mrs. Smith and thought they would get together. Low and behold, Brad gets divorced and Angie and Brad are seen together and if I'm correct, several babies later since Mr. and Mrs. Smith, they're still together. Rob and Kristen have been together and in love since 2008. There is not one picture that does not show Rob looking at Kristen as loving as anyone has seen anyone look at a person. If something is PR, then why don't they talk about it in interviews. Make sure they're walking down the street holding hands, kissing? You nonstens crack me up. When Twilight is done in 2012, what's going to be your excuse then? Hang in there. Keep your delusions alive. Keep pretending they aren't a couple as they laugh together in their hotel home in Toronto as they walk down the street walking their dog holding hands lol. You people are sad. Get a life. Rob and Kristen are living theirs.

  • lucy

    lol. the last thing that kristen makes rob feel is depressed. ;)

  • Guest

    I hope Kristen doesn't make Rob all depressed.

  • Andi

    I guess that just says it all, doesn't it? If someone who used to work with Ted Casablanca, then this isn't the truth, it's just awful. Plus, what are we going to believe? The words of the gossip vultures and their brainwashed followers, or the pictures and videos that say the truth? I say nobody posts BS about them on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever other sites they use, and just wait for actual concrete proof that they are in fact together in Toronto.

  • Mintyy

    Interesting how the headline is written as 'FACT" but when you read the content is nothing but speculation. Ohhh wait... Taryn used to work with Ted Casablanca at the Awful Truth.

  • Yup

    If it was PR there would be photos - get your head in order geez

  • Zoe

    Yes it's AMAZING PR that they haven't been pictured together at all in Toronto but are laying low under the radar. You really don't get how PR works at all do you? Chin up robsessed tinat I'm sure Kristen will give him a kiss for you! *jealousyisveryfunn*

  • Whattheheck!

    Really? So you are the expert on PR. I DON'T THINK SO. Buzz off and leave a more eduational message. Like get a brain

  • tinat

    FAKE AND PHONY. Their PR sh!t makes me sick.

  • jen

    Love them!

  • life

    So cute!!!!!!!!!

  • Tayly Fan
    Tayly Fan

    I want some pics, please!!