Bristol Palin’s New Look: Ex Levi Johnston & Plastic Surgeon Comment on Before & After Pic

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New pics of Bristol Palin show the teen pregnancy prevention advocate showing off an extreme makeover!

The new Bristol appears to have slimmed down, considerably changing her appearance. Celebuzz posted the before and after shots on our Facebook page and some people didn’t even recognize her!

Not only is her baby daddy Levi Johnston commenting, but we asked a plastic surgeon to weigh in with his thoughts, too. Here’s what people are saying:

The Facebook comments were overwhelmingly positive, with all agreed that she’s transformed — and almost every single commenter said it was for the better. Levi, on the other hand, is playing it cool by telling Rumor Fix: “I haven’t checked her out so I really wouldn’t know … Go on, do your thing girl, because I’m over it.”

Some are unsure that Bristol’s results are totally natural. While losing weight can certainly change the shapes and contours of the face, it could also be the work of a good doctor. This is Hollywood, so the Celebuzz staff has a few face experts on speed dial! We hit up  Dr. Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery to comment. NOTE: Dr. Chiu did not treat Bristol; his assessment is based on analyzing numerous before and after photos.

He tells Celebuzz: “In my professional opinion, Bristol has had work done to her face; fillers in her lips — both upper and lower — to make them fuller. She may also have had fillers placed in her cheeks, but not necessarily, since I believe she has had liposuction of her jawline, which can give the illusion of fuller, more defined cheeks as well. Bristol has also had a chin augmentation, likely to correct the asymmetry — the left side is fuller than the right in all frontal photos. She may have had her nose worked on as well, as there is a change in the light reflection over the middle third of her nose and the tip looks a little sculpted. As for her eyes and forehead, the minor changes may be due to clever eye makeup and brow shaping, but Bristol may be using Botox or Dysport, which can give these changes as well.”

The world’s most famous teen mom (who is actually now 20) will have a new job to go along with her new face. It was announced yesterday that she will star in a reality show that follows her move to Los Angeles, where she’ll be living with former “DWTS” finalist Kyle Massey and his brother Christopher Massey to work on an as-yet unidentified charity project.