First Pics of Arnold Schwarzenegger Post-Split Emerge

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Despite news breaking on Monday evening that he was separating from his wife of 25 years Maria Shriver, former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger seemed to be in high spirits on Tuesday morning.

Arnold was seen talking with a blonde haired woman in Brentwood, Calif. and even flashed a small smile for the on-looking photogs. So, who is the mystery woman the 63-year-old was speaking to (and even kissed on the neck)?

We’re not quire sure, but it seems to be innocent enough, as it’s most likely an assistant to the former movie star. And the “kiss” seems more like an awkward goodbye hug.

Many sources close to the situation say the ending of the marriage had been a long time coming. The two have four children together, and celebrated their 25-year-anniversary in April.

Check out all the photos of Arnold post-split in the gallery.