‘Glee’ Season Finale Track ‘Light Up the World’ Revealed (LISTEN)

Glee in NYC!
Lea Michele films in Times Square.
Lea's Red Carpet Looks
The 'Glee' star's hottest red carpet styles!
The cast of Glee is heading off-air for the summer, and will be rounding out a successful season two on May 24. While we wait in anticipation for the finale, they’ve released their big song for the show!

On Air with Ryan Seacrest premiered the track “Light Up the World”, for the Glee episode set in the Big Apple! 

In the finale, the New Directions head to NYC for their Nationals singing competition, and they take this song with them! Earlier this month, the cast was snapped filming the episode. Among the scenes, Lea MicheleDianna AgronCory Monteith and the rest of the gang were seen shooting a very energetic musical number at Washington Square Park in New York City which may be for this song. After dancing and filming around the NYU student-packed Square, the cast (sans vegan Lea) was spotted picking up some hot dogs from a local vendor.

Another thing to look forward to on the season finale is Matthew Morrison performing one of his new songs as the character of Glee club teacher Will Schuester! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the song was co-written by American Idol Season 8 winner Kris Allen. His self titled album is out now.  However, the finale track “Light Up the World” will not be available for download on May 23. 

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