Justin Bieber & Dance Crew Break Out ‘Double Dream Hands’ (VIDEO)

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We all know Justin Bieber can bust a move, but how does he fair against the contendors of America’s Best Dance Crew?

In honor of “Justin Bieber Week” on the MTV competitive reality show, the teen heartthrob shot a promo while on his My World tour that showcased his sweet dance skills!

Bieber was “kickin’ it” with his crew of performers who broke out in dance once the pop star gave them a beat. Bieber chose to go with the sprinkler move, while one of his dancers did a version of the MC Hammer. Rounding out the dance number, Bieber and his crew said all together, “Five, six, seven, eight, double dream hands!” The guys then break out into laughter, exclaiming, “Sizzle.”

Double Dream Hands is referring to another YouTube sensation (besides Bieber) of a man teaching others how to dance … awkwardly. Currently, the clip has over three million views on the video sharing site, and is featured on a Sprint commercial.  

America’s Best Dance Crew is currently down to five remaining crews and will air on MTV Thursday night.