Nene Leakes Brings the Drama to West Hollywood (PHOTOS)

Nene on Star
Celebuzz talks to Nene Leakes about their feud.
Nene Leakes may have left Celebrity Apprentice in dramatic fashion on Sunday night’s show, but she showed no signs of hostility when she was snapped in West Hollywood just hours later. 

The ever-dramatic Real Housewives cast member  looked exceedingly chipper as the paps caught her chatting on the phone while out shopping West Hollywood. Maybe she’s scheming her revenge against Star Jones? The two famously clashed on the show, with Nene telling Celebuzz: 

“What caused it is that I don’t think Star is a loyal person. I’m very loyal to those who are loyal to me. I understand we are playing a game. People are manipulative and strategic, but I don’t feel that you need to be that way when you’re playing for charity. She was backstabbing and manipulative and it really aggravated me so I called her on it in front of Trump.”

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