The Meet & Greet: Action Item, the Next Big Pop Rock Band

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Looking for a new group of rockin’ boys to gush over? Look no further than Action Item, a new pop rock band that is quickly becoming one of most squealed-over bands of the young adult set. Having opened for the likes of Allstar Weekend, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, this New Jersey-based band has already amassed an impressively loyal following on the internet. Celebuzz got a chance to chat with Brian Cag, the lead singer of Action Item, about what it’s like to open for Bieber and what he likes the most about his fans.

You guys are gearing up for a big summer tour with Allstar Weekend – are you excited to be touring with them?
That actually starts next week in Vermont. We’ve toured with them a few times before and we’re like best friends with the dudes. We hang out from time to time.

Since you are already friends with the band does that mean there won’t be any surprises or clashes on tour?
There might be some pranks, because we have been known to do some pranks with them. Aside from that, no.

What kind of pranks have you pulled on them?
On the last show of the first tour, I think it was in Reno, we shaving-creamed them and threw tons of stuff at them during a live set and they got us back pretty bad too. We’ve been having this ongoing prank war with them, so I’m pretty sure this tour is going to take it to a completely different level.

You guys opened for another notorious prankster, Justin Bieber. What was it like opening up for such a popular artist? Was it difficult?
No, his fans are very receptive and open. I think that age demographic and those types of fans are great because they are open to new music and they’re not going to really judge you for little dumb things, like the way you look or the sound of your music. If you’re honest with your music I think you’re going to do great with them.

Did you guys ever pull any pranks on Justin?
We didn’t really know Justin at the time and we weren’t really friends with him, so I don’t think it was cool yet to do anything. But maybe the next show we do we can spice it up and ruin his live set a little bit.

What’s been the best show you’ve played with Action Item?
I think the best show we’ve had was the show with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. We opened for 18,000 people. It was a sold out arena. It was Nassau Coliseum in New York and that’s kind of like a milestone for us. Growing up around there, we would drive by the stadium and it’s every kid’s dream to one day play that and we did. That was at the start of our band too. Playing to 18,000 fans as a new band is crazy.

Tell us a little bit about the 100 Days of Summer YouTube campaign you guys are doing right now.
All summer throughout every single tour we’re doing this YouTube thing where we post a video every single day for 100 days. It’s like you are on tour with us without the driving and all of the tedious work. You’ll get to see the fun side of touring and the not-so-fun side of touring…well, actually there’s no real not-so-fun side of touring. It’s all pretty awesome! But all of the hard work getting ready for interviews, doing press in the morning. You’ll be spending 100 days with us as if you’re on tour with us.

Check out the band on tour below.

What’s it like going on tour with your band?
Touring does have some misconceptions. People think that it’s all fun and games and you just show up and play the show. Everyday you have to wake up in a different hotel. It’s a blessing for us because we get to travel across the country and meet new fans and great people all around. It’s a blessing more than anything. We don’t consider it work because it’s what we love to do.

Do you have any special rituals you do when you’re on tour?
Personally, I love to stretch and get the blood flowing. I do warm-ups an hour prior to a performance. I’ll start talking a lot and singing and getting my whole voice going. And I know the guys really like to mellow out and focus and not talk to too many people prior to the actual event.

Action Item has a huge Twitter, Facebook and YouTube presence – do you think it’s important to maintain a social media presence when you’re a new band?
Yes, social media above all I think is one of the most important things to keep up with. Our fans are the most important people to us. It’s important for us to stay connected at all times and have a good foundation for our fan base and stay connected in general. Social media enables that when we’re all in New Jersey and our fans are all across the country, in Canada and even in some other countries. It enables us to stay close with them.

What are these “Summer Living Room Shows” that you guys are launching this summer?
We like to come to our fans’ houses and play for them and their friends and they can invite whoever they want. Basically, our fans just hire us and we come to their house and hang out with them and their family. We make it really intimate. It’s more of like a hangout session for our fans to get to know us better in person. We’re going to have more than 3. They’re all just private shows for the fans and general public.
So you guys have played living rooms and sold out stadiums – which do you prefer?
I think it’s good to have a combination of both. Playing Nassau Coliseum and in someone’s living room is completely different. I like the personal aspect of living room shows and smaller venues to really connect with our fans. I think connecting is the biggest thing for us.

Listen to Action Item’s “Somewhere Out There” single below.

What are your musical influences?
I personally love Maroon 5. Adam Levine is my favorite singer of all-time.We also like bands like The Script, Coldplay, One Republic…we’re really huge fans of and we really admire them and look up to the great music. We love great pop music in general. We’re a pop band and we’re not trying to do anything too crazy, but we just love pop music.

So you like Adam Levine, have you been watching The Voice?
Yeah. I’m Team Adam all the way!

Are there any bands that you’d love to play with or celebrities you’s like to meet?
Definitely Adam Levine, for one. Just to collab with him and meet with him would be amazing. Miley Cyrus, because she’s interesting. I would love to meet with her and have a full conversation with her. [Laughs]

You guys are a New Jersey band and New Jersey is is taking over everything right now with Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, etc.. Do you watch any of the shows?
I don’t really. I have seen the first season of Jersey Shore, but haven’t kept up to much with it. I have seen it here and there. As far as the Real Housewives of New Jersey, I’m not really a fan of that.

Find out more about Action Item – including their upcoming tour schedule – at their official website. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter @ActionItemBand!