29 Fun Facts for Cory Monteith's 29th Birthday! (PHOTOS)

Birthday Boy!
30 Fun Facts About Cory Monteith

Happy Birthday, Cory Monteith!

The Glee stud was born on this day (May 11) 29 years ago and little did he know he would be destined for such greatness!

Since his days an unknown Canadian actor to his rise to Glee fame, Celebuzz's quality of life has very much improved since he became part of it. Also, Cory is lucky enough to be a Celebuzz certifiable dreamboat, so of course we had to put together a little something to celebrate his big day.

We've paired some of the Cory's hottest looks with some fun facts, so not only will you be mentally stimulated, but it will be easy on the eyes as well!

So, click through the gallery to find out more about the (newly) 29-year-old hunk, and wish him a happy birthday on our Twitter or Facebook!



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  • Becki Stuart
    Becki Stuart

    i wouldnt mind him greeting me lol x

  • Becki Stuart
    Becki Stuart

    I have seen and got this on dvd ... he as never changed as he still looks the same .. only downside is he is only in it for about 2 mins x

  • Becki Stuart
    Becki Stuart

    He dropped out of high school ... this was down to a really hard life that he had that he as now made alot better for himself x

  • lahe27

    fyi- he did. he never even went to high school, the guy had a hard life.

  • Amy Dobrevva
    Amy Dobrevva

    OMG! Happy Birthday Cory!!!!!!! :)

  • jblover

    what kind of facts are these? lmao seriosuly.

  • jblover

    omg really!! goo canucks!! love him

  • Chris

    FYI - pretty sure this fact is wrong. You can't leave school before 16 in Canada.