Lady Gaga Bares Her Chest (Sorta) in Paris (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga has showcased nearly every inch of her skin and now she is highlighting her...midsection?

The "Judas" chanteuse was spotted in a surprisingly subdued outfit when she was photographed leaving her hotel in Paris on Tuesday, May 10. Wearing a tri-colored wig featuring a super-sized topknot, Gaga bared the her chest and midriff in a black ensemble with a cutout along the middle of her body.

All things considered, this is a pretty tame look for Gaga – could the outrageous pop star be toning down her look? Check out more photos of Gaga in Paris and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • Michelle Fussell Maynard
    Michelle Fussell Maynard

    so what's the shocker here? Hell she bared her hind end at Disney World while butting the line of parents with screaming kids for the snow white ride. That is supposed to be a family oriented place , how trashy to stick your nasty ass in our faces GAGA.

  • Raynee Sewall
    Raynee Sewall

    Not trying to be utterly mean... But, what's up with the look on her face? Lady Gaga, my advice to you, stop doing that with your mouth... Unless you are getting ready to spit something out?

  • THE jonmoontrip
    THE jonmoontrip