Alex Pettyfer Playing Male Stripper in Movie Based on Channing Tatum’s Life

Is Alex a Bad Boy?
Why is Pettyfer getting a bad rep?
Channing Tatum may have gotten his sweet Step Up moves from his days as a male stripper, and now I Am Number Four star Alex Pettyfer is going have to learn those skills for his upcoming role. 

According to Deadline, Alex is set to play a role in the movie that is based on Channing’s time in the strip club. Director Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s 11, The Girlfriend Experience) is said to have chosen Alex for the part in the movie currently titled Magic Mike. 

In the movie, Channing and Alex develop a friendship when…

Channing’s character begins to school Alex, 21, on how to hustle both on and off the stage. According to Deadline, Channing started stripping when he was 19, and the script is said to have a Saturday Night Fever Feel. 

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