An Injured Reese Witherspoon Grabs Lunch (PHOTOS)

Reese's Cutest Looks
Miss Witherspoon, from 'Legally Blonde' to mom.
Reese Witherspoon makes having a twisted ankle look chic! The Water For Elephants actress was out to lunch at Bar Bouchon in Beverly Hills Thursday, showing off her boot in a black dress.

Her rep assured it’s “nothing serious” so hopefully Reese won’t have to limp for too much longer! The actress wrapped her global press tour with Robert Pattinson last week, and let something slip about his relationship with Kristen Stewart.

Well, not slip, more like just confirmed they are dating! Is this old news yet?

An Australian magazine Witherspoon if she had a crush on Rob, and she responded: “He’s my really good friend, so that would be totally weird, plus I’m friends with his girlfriend!”

So cute! Reese has complimented Kristen Stewart before, so we’re not too surprised they get along well. How about those two girls star on the big screen together next?